Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Indie Garage Sale

My first physical show was really fun! It was the spring version of the Indie Garage Sale, a alternative type craft show that is held four or five times per year in Utica. The highlight was selling 8 cakes: a few post card cakes, a few gift card cakes and all but one of my regular sized gift box cakes that I brought there! Neither of the huge mailer cakes sold, maybe they are just a little too far over the top, maybe too expensive? I'll make smaller versions for next time.
My husband, Mr.Od, brought the babes to visit and since BabyJ still had the dollar I gave her to buy a marble at the toy shop I suggested she buy something at the IGS instead. There weren't too many things in her price range that interested her, but one thing she fancied was a cracker and cheese soap from DAS, she liked it because she thought it was real, but as soon as I told her it was soap, she informed me that she NEEDED to wash her hands. While I admit it is a little unusual smelling and seeing food on my bathroom sink, it is rather entertaining and she loves it.