Friday, February 27, 2009

my friend, and occasional muse.

I have this one friend who rubs all my other friends the wrong way. It's mutual actually, he doesn't appreciate their company either. I however, cherish all the rudeness, pushiness, arrogance, entitlement and similar sorts of cheer he's brought me all these years since we were in high school. There was that one time he and his family moved around the block from me when I lived in north-middle-of-nowhere and he just he inexplicably stopped talking to me for that whole year until after I moved away into my own apartment. But other than that, I've learned to appreciate him for his unconventionality and even occasionally take inspiration from the high level of maintenance required to keep our friendship interesting. We have fun, as a wedding gift I gave him a big brown bag full of faux groceries packed with odd secret surprises, warmly welcoming him and his new wife to domesticity. He's also the friend whose existence led to me think up sending a piece of fake cake through the mail as a stale birthday greeting. And one time, he gave me an ulcer when he intentionally left a scary, vague dying sound on my voice mail and had his wife call hours later wondering if I had heard from him that night because he was hours late returning home from work. It's the little things that make such friendships special. The odd little things.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

the new shop.

Hello there! I just started selling on etsy which I admit, I didn't ever think I'd do. I have been staying home with my two toddling tots since they were born, but just recently, creativity has been bursting from my head in quantities far too great for them to absorb, so I have been spending some free time, while everyone is sleeping, working on some wacky stuff to trade for money so I can resume paying down my student loans. Interested?

Tell me what you think!

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